Trouble in Paradise gastdocent bij Esade Business School Barcelona en Nijenrode Business University

Nyenrode Business University and Esade Business School Barcelona both offer a number of summer courses in the field of business and management. These courses introduce students and future leaders in business to the concepts of ethics and sustainable business. Students are joining from around the world to learn about this topic.

Nyenrode is a leading Business School in The Netherlands and has been teaching programs about CSR as part of its curriculum and executive education. Esade Business School as one of the top global centers of management education, is the leading Spanish Business School in MBA and Executive Education. Both schools attract a very international audience of students on Master Level, and a number of professionals interested to learn more about Public Affairs and CSR. Trouble in Paradise academic courses focus on the sustainable development through the use of best practices and dilemmas from businesses such as Heineken, KPN and Sarah Lee, using crossovers with Stakeholder Management and Public Affairs.

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