About Trouble in Paradise

At Trouble in Paradise Marjolijn Vencken develops sustainable strategies within the brand by letting companies combine their organisational goals, their consumers’ lifestyle and communication in order to achieve economical performance with large societal profit. What are the issues and strategies used by experts in terms of filing trade marks and improving brand image? How do you revitalize a well-known brand without damaging its reputation? How do you create and maintain a sustainable brand? Vencken advises companies in their journey towards doing more responsible business.

Marjolijn Vencken obtained a law degree from Radboud University Nijmegen. She was trained at the Institute for Policy Analysis (IFPA) in Washington D.C. where she monitored European government policy and analyzed its impact on companies operating in the United States. She was responsible for brand strategies of different multinationals such as Heineken, Sarah Lee, Mars, KPN, Toyota and Delta Lloyd Group.